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Passionate and knowledgeable, Vance Palmer is committed to buying and selling wine on the Gold Coast, with a focus on wine supply, staff training and education.


Vance Palmer – Wine Educator

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Gold Coast Wines Bird in Hand

Great Wines by Bird in Hand

Tribute Series

The very pinnacle of our potential, suitable for marking milestones and special occasions. Available only to our Flight Club members, and on site.
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Nest Egg

Only after some time do these wines develop their individual character, immediately apparent in their powerful structure, due to generous use of French oak.
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Bird in Hand

A bit more power here. These wines have the diversity of being approachable at a young age, but the maturity to hang on.
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Two In the Bush

Our daily variety is an incredible choice for simple meals and casual drinking. Surprisingly generous in its fruit-driven flavour, with just a hint of oak.
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The Bird in Hand sustainability initiatives that are currently in place include:

Bird in Hand Vineyard, Winery and Grounds


  • Synthetic chemical-free (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides)
  • German-built Clemens undervine mower imported and commissioned in 2019
  • All inputs (incl. fertilisers) are from organic sources
  • Drip irrigation system upgraded in 2017
  • Mulching in higher parts of the block to reduce water usage


  • 110 kW solar system installed in 2016
  • All winery wastewater collected and treated then reused onsite
  • All plastic, cardboard, paper, caps, glass and scrap metal recycled
  • All organic solid residues such as grape marc are recycled and sent to facilities to create products such as spirit, tannins and tartrates


  • Chemical-free
  • All organic matter and food / green waste composted and reused onsite
  • All inputs are from organic sources

150 Pfeiffer Rd – Google Maps

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